Next in our Gifting With the Experts series is Zoe Carney owner of House of Indi , a stunning homeware store that boasts a beautiful collection of hand-selected pieces, sourced by Zoe worldwide. House of Indi’s permanent location is in their beautiful showroom in Home Studios, however, you can catch them in their gorgeous pop-up space on Drury Street until January.

What is your favourite thing about Christmas? 

Everything!! I love Christmas, I always have. I couldn’t pick one thing! I love the atmosphere, fireplaces lighting, twinkling lights, mulled wine, smelly cheeses and silly music, the whole kit and kaboodle.

Do you have any Christmas Rituals? 

Our daughter Harlow is 2 so life has changed as well Christmases of the past. I’m looking forward to Christmas more than ever. I want it to be as magical as I can possibly make it for her, as my mother did for me, We will be making new rituals! Every year my partner Morgan and I go and find a beautiful natural branch to hang over our dining table and decorate it with a glass of bubbles, that ritual will stay the same.

What are your top tips for Gifting?

My tips for gifting are, shop locally, choose Irish independent shops, markets or makers. The products on offer in Ireland are amazing. It’s the best place to start.  If your budget is small make your wrapping shine, using ribbons baubles stamps or even better hand make it with brown recycled paper and markers!

What are you hoping to see under the Christmas Tree?

A little break away somewhere, after the busy Christmas period, would be lovely!

Do you have your eye on any Chupi pieces?

Too many to choose from, but I think any of the grey diamond pieces, I’ll be dropping some hints…

Will you be making any sustainable choices this Christmas?

Here in our shop on Drury street, we have a mix of vintage and new. Which keeps the shop feeling sustainable.
I have always given gifts that are vintage, it means it’s special and one of kind, breathing new life into things otherwise thrown away and better for our planet.

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