Niamh O’Donoghue is a journalist, podcaster, slow fashion champ, co-creator of Cupl Creative, acting social editor of Vogue UK and all round amazing lady. She was an obvious choice for our Chupi Gifting with The Experts series & we were so excited to chat to her and hear her tips on gifting at Christmas!

What is your favourite thing about Christmas?

There are too many to choose from but, being a natural-born feeder, I love the smell of my mammy’s cooking when you step through the front door, especially now that I live abroad. Food aside, I love the feeling of being together with family and friends and having nothing to do except switch off, relax and eat leftover turkey and stuffing sandwiches.

Do you have any Christmas Rituals? 

Although I don’t align myself with any religion, my parents are practicing Catholics and every Christmas eve we join the community at a family mass held in the parish church. It gives me the ultimate feeling of togetherness, regardless of religion. Afterward, the parish moves to the local for a round of hot whiskey. It’s all about the balance, right?

What are your top tips for Gifting? 

I’m a self-confessed gifter. I love giving beautiful gifts to friends and family and I try to buy quality over quantity. Thoughtful gifts will always outweigh lavish, expensive gifts. For our first Christmas together, my partner Jake bought me a sterling silver compass, which, in hindsight, was a peculiar choice. We had a very turbulent first year together and he was beside me threw thick and thin. This compass was his promise that we would one day travel the world together. So far, we’ve tackled 10 countries and counting. If budget is an issue this year, there’s nothing as special as a homemade knitted scarf or a piece of embroidery art. 

What are you hoping to see under the Christmas Tree?

I really love Stella McCartney’s monochrome Stella Logo Shoulder Bag: it’s big enough to house my phone, diary, hand cream (essential in cold weather) and anything else I need (because this bag is actually big enough!) and the butter-soft faux leather is a touch of absolute luxury. What am I wearing it with? A second-hand biscuit-colored mac from the Camden markets & a chunky knit jumper (please, Santa!).

Do you have your eye on any Chupi pieces? 

Having recently moved to London, I want to mark the occasion with something beautiful and sparkly, and in my wildest dreams I do it with a brilliant, morganite and diamond ring. Anyone who knows me will know about my penchant for flamboyant, joyful accessories, which is why I’m so drawn to Chupi’s statement stones. I also love the idea of buying something now that will become an heirloom for my future daughter or son to cherish forever. My goal? To have a stackable collection of rings like Chupi’s personal, sparkly collection.

Will you be making any sustainable choices this Christmas?

Sustainability shouldn’t be isolated to the festive season and everyone has a responsibility to reduce, reuse and recycle. Start by recycling your food and waste. Buy a compost bin for food waste and learn to make additional meals from leftovers. Reuse Quality Street boxes for Christmas ornaments, for example, and swap conventional wrapping paper and get creative instead (brown paper wrapping combined with an assortment of ribbon can look altogether very chic). This year I’ll also be avoiding shopping online – it’s easy to forget the energy and fuel consumption it takes to get your Amazon delivery!

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