In the latest installment of The Chupi Engagement Series, we speak to Síomha and Conor who tell us the amazing story of their engagement in Botswana!

“We met as awkward 15 year olds in the Wicklow town musical, Grease. We weren’t exactly Sandy and Dannys though, just two very amateur background dancers/singers. Twelve years later, we’ve been through a lot but here we are, still very happily together!”

“I was born in Botswana, and 18 years after I had left, we were back for a holiday homecoming. This was already a special holiday – I hadn’t been back since and I couldn’t wait to show Conor where I’d grown up. We were a few days into the trip and staying in the amazing Oddball’s Camp in the Okavango Delta, a beautiful wildlife habitat – at night our tent was surrounded by the moon, stars, trees, and wildlife big and small…. including critters!”


The Engagement

“On our first night we had been brought to our tent by the Manager. The tent was less tent like and more hotel room. It was raised on stilts with a king-size bed inside and Conor spotted a “huge” spider. All of a sudden, the Manager and I were teaming up to get the spider out to save him! Later that night, Conor’s fear struck again and this time it was a cricket. I managed to get the cricket out and returned to Conor telling me that we need to check under our pillows before we go to sleep. Humouring him, I check under the pillows and there it was, that classic pink Chupi ring box! In shock, I think the first thing I said was “are you serious?” but I did eventually say yes!”

“As we were in the middle of nowhere we had no wifi or phone signal, we spent the next two days in our engagement bubble with only us knowing our special news. A few days later we were on a gorgeous sunset drive in the Magkadigkdai Salt Pans when Conor, looking very annoyed at himself exclaimed “I should have proposed here!” I’m glad he didn’t though. Our engagement was perfect if a bit silly but that’s just us!”


The Promise Ring

I’ve always loved Chupi and Conor’s interest was piqued after our friend was proposed to with a Chupi ring. Over time I think he started to love Chupi even more than me! Six months before he actually proposed, Conor asked a friend of ours to take me to “check out Chupi’s new collection” at Atrium. She suggested that we get ourselves ring sized for the craic. In hindsight, I should have guessed but I hadn’t a clue! I even handed Conor the ring size card that night as a joke!

Conor says that he knew what ring I would love as soon as he saw it. He bought my promise Love Heart ring online, originally in silver and then he decided to upgrade to white gold. We haven’t our “official” rings yet but we have been in to the store to pick out what we’ll like and intend to buy them soon. I do love my Love Heart ring so much though so I’m in no hurry!


“When I look at my Chupi ring now, I think of the fact that I’m going to marry the love of my life. I also think of the memory of that night he proposed and how much he makes me smile with the silly way he does things. Oh, and spiders! We’ve just booked our wedding venue. We’re leaving the rest of the planning until a little later so we can just enjoy the engagement fun for now.”

If a Chupi engagement ring or Chupi promise piece was a part of your engagement, we’d love to hear from you and feature you on The Chupi Blog. You can find out more details on this exciting series here.