Recently we put a call out to all recently engaged Chupi couples and asked them to share the details of their engagement with us. We are very excited to announce the first couple in our series, Laura and Ronan who told us about their picturesque engagement in Iceland and how Laura chose her forever ring at The Chupi Pop-up: Cork Edition.

“Myself and Ronan met in 2011 when we started working together in retail. We started going out after working together for a few months and the rest is history!”

The Engagement

“We got engaged on March 16th 2019 and I can say that it was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best day of my life. Ronan arranged a surprise trip to Iceland for my 30th birthday. I have wanted to go there for so long, and it was a complete bucket-list destination for me. We spent the day visiting all of the spectacular sites around the famous Golden Circle, and we got to Gullfoss Waterfall by early evening. I was so completely overwhelmed by the beauty of the waterfall that I started crying! We spent some time taking in the beauty and walked up to the highest viewing point at the waterfall. It was busy up there, but people came and went. All of a sudden it was just the two of us in one particular spot. Ronan set up his phone claiming her wanted to take a photo with the self-timer, but was actually setting up to record the proposal! He walked over, got down on one knee, and proposed! We spent the rest of the day sightseeing seeing more beautiful landmarks and finished the day with a viewing the Northern Lights!”

“I had adored Chupi engagement rings long before I was ever engaged. I had so many of them saved on Instagram, but had never seen them in real life. Ronan proposed with a promise ring, as he quickly figured out he couldn’t choose something for me! I wanted to keep my options open and looked at a lot of what you might call “traditional” rings. Even though they were pretty, none of them made me feel particularly special. I knew after a few weeks of looking that a traditional ring wasn’t for me. When I heard about the Chupi pop-up store coming to Cork I booked my tickets. I hoped I might find something I really loved. I was unwilling to buy an expensive piece of jewellery if it wasn’t going to be something I truly loved. Chupi was the best option for me.”

The Engagement Ring

“The day I chose my ring is another day I’ll remember forever. Ronan was working so my sisters, Yvonne and Sarah, came along to the Chupi pop-up event in Cork. We were extremely lucky to have Chupi herself as our consultant. It was so special as we have all been huge fans of her work for years. I told Chupi I wanted something with yellow gold and a grey diamond, as I was certain about these features. Even though I had a particular ring in mind I didn’t actually tell Chupi which one it was as I was really interested to see what she might pick for me! Sure enough, Chupi came back with the exact ring I had in mind, and the minute I put it on I knew it was the one. I never thought a piece of jewellery could move me to tears but this one did! Having my sisters there with me was so special. It made me so excited for all of the other lovely days that will come as we plan the wedding.”

“I’ll be getting my engagement ring the end of May and I literally cannot wait! I am so happy to have bought my ring from an Irish brand, whose ethos I really admire.”

“We’re still very much in the engagement bubble! We probably won’t get married until 2021 so we have plenty of time for planning. Our married friends and family members have advised us to enjoy the engagement bubble for as long as possible, so we’re doing just that!”

If a Chupi engagement ring or Chupi promise ring was a part of your engagement, we’d love to hear from you and feature you on The Chupi Blog. You can find out more details on this exciting series here.