Recently we put a call out to all recently engaged Chupi couples and asked them to share the details of their engagement with us. We are very excited to share the latest couple in our series, Gemma & Niall who told us about their beautiful engagement in The Cotswolds.

Gemma: “We both attended drama school in 2013 at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Niall was a bit of a social recluse and got swept up by a mutual friend who introduced us. I cant really say it was love at first sight. We are chalk and cheese really. Niall was very dark and mysterious, a man of minimal words. He would always be stood in his Harrington and Dr martins with a pint of Guinness in his hands looking slightly concerned and overwhelmed, which is what intrigued me about him! I was a bit of country girl, loud, overbearing, loved musicals and a bit of S Club and was far from cool.”

“We both got cast in a show The dreams of Sleeping Beauty, which we took to the Minack Theatre in Cornwall. That is where things really kicked off for us. We just became great friends. I said to Niall it was like I needed TNT to break down his walls. He said I was too open for my own good.”

“Niall used to walk me/ stumble with me to the station after rehearsal drinks. We would sit on the corner with a kebab in one hand and a beer in the other and just talk. After the Minack, we both went away back home. Niall went back to Manchester and I went to Australia to visit my family. When we came back, Niall traveled on the coach to Harpenden and took me on a date. The rest was history. We fell for each other very hard and quickly.”

“After the summer I moved to London (with my now bridesmaids) and Niall moved in his his now best man and usher. We had a ball together. After University, Niall asked me to move to Manchester with him, so I did and we have been living in Manchester together now for 3 years with our gorgeous chocolate lab Jeffrey (Jeff to his friends), and have been together for 5 years.”

The Proposal

“Well Niall led everything. I had absolutely no idea. I thought we were just off for a little romantic getaway. Niall popped in a postcode into the satnav and made me follow it for 2 hours to The Cotswolds. The postcode led us to a country pub called The Star Inn (we both are a bit obsessed with star gazing). After lunch, Niall put in another postcode and I continued the journey. We arrived at the most beautiful tree house, surrounded by meadows with horses and little KuneKune piglets. The tree house was absolutely gorgeous. It was doused in fairy lights, had a hot tub on the decking which just baffled me (HOW DID THEY GET IT UP THERE?!).”

“Niall had packed me an outfit to change into in the evening. He prepared a picnic dinner with a bottle of red, which was the first bottle we drank together on our first date. When I came out, Niall had set up a picnic blanket below the tree house with lanterns, where we star gazed. The sky was so clear. He was pointing out all the constellations and we even got to see a shooting star.”

“Niall sat us both to kneeling in front of each other and that’s when he asked me. He presented me the ring but it so so dark and we were both crying we couldn’t see. We went back up to the tree house and that’s when I first saw my ring, and I cried again. He told me why he had picked it and the history of it. I was just in awe. I had never seen anything so beautiful and perfect in my life. The fact that it was a hawthorn twig which blossoms in May and that’s why he proposed in May, so that when we see the blossom we can be reminded of our engagement in years to come.”

“He had a bottle of champagne chilled and we just sat staring at my hand. The next day he had arranged for us to go horse riding together. Niall is terrified of horses and I used to be an avid rider. After our hack, we came back to the tree house. Niall had arranged for a beautician to come and give me a full body massage whilst he cooked me a steak dinner. On our final day, we went for a walk around the meadow and picked some wildflowers to press. The whole 3 days were just magical and perfect. I was so surprised and I wouldn’t change a second of it.”

The Engagement Ring

Niall: “Gemma had never heard about Chupi. I am Irish descent and have family that live in Dublin. Back in November 2017 my dad and I went to visit his auntie and I stumbled across Chupi’s store in the Powerscourt Townhouse. I picked up the leaflet and thought it would be a nice place to get Gemma a gift for a birthday. When I came home I was doing some research and saw Chupi’s rings and I knew that I was going to propose to Gemma with one. I spoke with Cathy in customer services who was so helpful. We spoke nearly everyday, discussing designs and diamonds.”

“I decided that I needed to make a trip over to Dublin to chose the diamond. The diamonds are all so unique and I wanted the perfect one. I told Gemma I was going on a business trip and had to leave early. On the day of the flight I got up at 4am and went to leave. Gemma woke up and asked me why I wasn’t wearing a suit – as I always do when I go on business. So I told her ‘Oh its in my bag’, but she insisted it would get creased and that I was to put it on. So I quickly ironed a shirt and left. I met my mum down the street in case Gemma saw her and we both flew to Dublin, and I was in my suit. We flew there and back on the day. We had so many diamonds to pick from but when I saw Gemma’s I knew it was the one for her. Cathy was so helpful, as soon as Gemma said yes I called Cathy the next day to tell her that she said Yes. She made my experience so personal and put me at ease, as did the store assistants.”

Gemma: “I smile, every time I look at my hand. I swear that it looks different everyday. We say ‘it is looking stormy today’ or ‘it is glowing today’. We reminisce about our engagement regularly and we both couldn’t imagine it with a different ring. Everywhere we go people comment on it, bridal boutiques or wedding suppliers even checkout ladies in Tesco.”

The Wedding Plans

“We have set a date for our wedding. 20 seems to be our lucky number. We were engaged on 20th May and getting married 20th June 2020, which coincidentally is the 6 year anniversary of our closing night at the Minack Theatre. We are having a Manchester wedding, having our ceremony at Halle St Peters in Ancoats and our reception at The Hope Mill Theatre. It seemed apt to have it at a theatre! We are sticking with the celestial theme.”

“The venues have a very industrial, urban feel. We will be having lots of wild flowers to bring together our city and country upbringings. Using constellations as table names and a moon crescent that we are making for a photo booth. Our wedding breakfast will be a picnic style, much like the one Niall made me when he proposed. The evening food is kebabs and chips, just like the ones we had when we sat on the corner during university days.”

Our very talented friends are playing a huge part of our day. They’re singing in our ceremony, one who is a poet is writing us a masterpiece as we speak and Jeff will be dog of honour. Niall wants to wear an Irish tweed and I cannot reveal much about the dress just now, I will have to tell you after our big day. We are hoping to get our wedding bands from Chupi and book my first trip to Dublin later on this year. Thank you much for making our engagement so perfect.

If a Chupi engagement ring or Chupi promise piece was a part of your engagement, we’d love to hear from you and feature you on The Chupi Blog. You can find out more details on this exciting series here.