In the latest installment of The Chupi Engagement Series, we speak to Beth & Chad who tell us the brilliant story of how a ziplock bag played a huge part in their engagement in the Rio Secreto Caves in Tulum, Mexico!

“We met when we were thirteen years old and have been friends since then. We have been seeing each other for the last eight years. To celebrate our 30th birthdays, we had planned a holiday to Tulum in Mexico with a group of our friends. During our time in Tulum, we went exploring in the Rio Secreto caves.”

Chupi Engagement Series: Beth & Chad

The Engagement

“Towards the end of the tour, Chad stopped me on the premise of posing for a photo and got down on one knee in the waist high water. He pulled out a beautiful pink box, covered in a somewhat less attractive ziplock bag that he had hidden in his lifejacket to keep it safe (my nerves were not the better for trying to put on two beautiful rings surrounded by dark water but luckily neither of us dropped them!). One of the loveliest things about our engagement was being surrounded by loved ones minutes later for hugs and celebrations. I was the last to know out of a group of nine of us. It feels extra special that we had so many of our friends involved. It definitely doesn’t hurt that we happened to have a professional photographer there to capture the moment also!”

Chupi Engagement Series: Beth & Chad

The Engagement Rings

“Chad had selected two rings to propose with as he felt they paired so well together. He obviously thought I was worth the extra! He says there’s one diamond for each of the eight years we’ve been together. While he had some help from my best friend, I was so surprised that he had been brave enough to select them himself. He definitely made the right choice. The combination of grey diamonds and yellow gold is beautiful and suits me perfectly.”

Chupi Engagement Series: Beth & Chad

“The purchasing experience was excellent. Chad researched, picked out the rings, and ordered online. Before placing the order he contacted Chupi Customer Support and was helped by Christine, who was amazing. Chad waited until just 4 weeks before our Mexico trip to order the rings. He didn’t realise how long a ring takes to make and he likes to leave things to the last minute! Christine was a huge help in getting the rings prioritised and quickly made (in just three weeks!) He flew home from a business trip in the U.S. two days before our flight to Mexico and collected the rings at the Atrium on the way. The rings were ready to go, the staff were super helpful and they packaged the rings beautifully.”


“While a few of my friends had Chupi jewellery I had never browsed the store myself but since I received my engagement rings I have been looking at all the other gorgeous items on offer. I feel my Chupi ring is a representation of our many years of friendship and our relationship. I feel lucky and excited to enter this next stage with my best friend. We are still very much enjoying the engagement bubble and have not given the wedding much thought but we’re looking forward to celebrating with all our loved ones!”

If a Chupi engagement ring or Chupi promise ring was a part of your engagement, we’d love to hear from you and feature you on The Chupi Blog. You can find out more details on this exciting series here.