Recently we put a call out to all recently engaged Chupi couples and asked them to share the details of their engagement with us. We are very excited to announce the next couple in our series, Alice and Paul who told us about their exciting engagement in Cong, Co. Mayo.

“Paul and I have been together for a decade. We met as babies when we were in college and got together in our final year. We have been travelling the world and enjoying each other’s company ever since. Last year, we rescued our first dog together and Toby is a huge part of our life together. Paul and I have always known we’ve wanted to marry but there was no rush. There’s something about the idea of having your pooch at your wedding, though, that pushed us over the edge!”

The Engagement

“Last month, we headed to Cong, Co. Mayo for a holiday with our two good friends (and Toby of course). We got there a good few hours before our friends Tom and Rachel were due to arrive so had time to kill. Paul and Toby went for a little wander down to Lough Corrib, across from our Airbnb where I soon followed to join them on the tiny stone jetty. Toby almost pushed us in; he is a serious Velcro dog and doesn’t leave our side if he can help it which is a bit difficult on a one foot wide pier. He managed not to push us in but I was so distracted by him that I didn’t notice Paul getting down on one knee behind me. I thought he was just sitting down so I plonked myself down beside him and sat on the jetty, all the while, petting Toby and chatting. It took a moment or two of Paul nudging me to realise what he was doing. He was holding the sweetest gold moon ring and asked me to marry him. He had asked my Dad that morning (not something that is totally necessary but as a daughter, it is very sweet to have my Dad included in this special moment). I said yes!”

“Apparently I’m difficult to buy for so Paul didn’t want to make the choice himself. Which I can now understand; it has been almost a month and though we have looked, I cannot make up my mind. Your shop, though, was actually the first we went to. I tried on the most beautiful grey diamond ring. Friends of ours were minding Toby as we don’t like to leave him alone for long stretches and were planning on making a day of it. He’s a nervous guy though and jumped out of the car on them. Just as we were chatting to your sales assistant about the ring, we got a phone call. Toby was missing. We ran out of the shop. After 5 hours and about 20 of our friends marching the streets of Dublin though, we found him. He walked home. He went to the vet that night to get staples in his paws as he had injured himself. Once he came home, all of our friends came over for a lot of thank you beers and pizzas and there and then, we had an impromptu engagement party! We still don’t have a ring – though Paul’s mum has leant me a very nice emerald substitute!”

“No matter what ring I get later, my little moon ring will always be the real ring. I love that it will last and I plan to wear it the rest of my life. I don’t really know what kind of ring I want but I have always loved Chupi jewellery. I bought my goddaughter an initial necklace when she was born and always head into the store in Powerscourt to have a look when I have a substantial present to buy. For the moment, I’m happy to live in the bubble and to have my dog home safely!” 

“After 10 years together, it might be obvious that we are in no rush to plan the wedding. We have chatted about what we’re looking for in a wedding; casual, lots of friends and, of course, Toby.”

If a Chupi engagement ring or Chupi promise piece was a part of your engagement, we’d love to hear from you and feature you on The Chupi Blog. You can find out more details on this exciting series here.