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My #TinyPreciousMoments by Chupi Sweetman

April 07, 2020

Hi everyone, I know this year might not be exactly how you planned it, it certainly feels different, but I wanted to celebrate the tiny precious moments in life that bring us joy everyday. For most of us the last few weeks have meant a lot more time at home, if you aren’t on the frontline all we are being asked to do is stay home. For me, there aren’t bad days, just difficult moments in the day. There are as many good moments and that’s what gets me through it all. Whether it’s a gorgeous homemade lunch or a sunny walk, I would love to see your #TinyPreciousMomentsLove, Chupi x

Happy International Women’s Day from Chupi Sweetman

March 06, 2020

It's crazy to think that even today in 2020 women still face discrimination, from the glass ceiling to the pay gap I think it's so important we recognise there is still gender based discrimination and celebrate the incredible women in our lives. International Women's Day is a wonderful chance to not only tell the women in our lives we love them, but to look around us and see what we can do to build a fairer world. I hope our daughters, and indeed our sons, will have a far more equal experience. We are brought up to understand that if we really truly want something you have to fight hard for

Chupi’s Favourite Places in London

January 14, 2020

This week I'm visiting one of my favourite cities in the world - London. I'm over here mainly for work, but in between meetings I'll be visiting my favourite places in the city, from markets to restaurants and everything in between. I'm sharing my top places to visit in London, you have to put them on your list if you visit! Breakfast & Brunch If I’m in London with family we will just have breakfast at home, but if I'm heading out for a lovely brunch, Sketch is top of my list. The gorgeous pink couches are so instagrammable! View this post on Instagram The ar

The story behind Chupi’s Ring Stack

January 07, 2020

Chupi Sweetman shares with us the story behind her gorgeous ring stack, from her grey diamond engagement ring to her 'Me to Me' heirloom rings, there's a special meaning behind each ring in her stack. My Engagement Ring This is my engagement ring. Brian and I got engaged when we were kids, we were 25 & 26. It's handmade from Etsy using recycled gold and grey diamonds. The first time I wore it I remember thinking I own a piece of the future. My Wedding Band I made my wedding band just for me, it's a completely crazy one off. It's made from a hawthorn tree, the same hawtho

Christmas with Chupi Sweetman

December 05, 2019

I adore this time of year, growing up in the countryside meant snow, sledding in the fields and long evenings by the fire. The thing I love the most is taking time to celebrate with my favourite people, those precious dinners when you get everyone together and lazy brunches at the weekend. A chance to catch up, to take stock and celebrate the highs & say goodbye to the lows of the year. Chupi x Founder & Creative Director Christmas Traditions Our Christmas tradition is a big walk in the Wicklow Mountains, it's so un-glam! I always think your own Christmas is the most special. Wh

Chupi’s New York Roundup

September 20, 2019

I've spent the last week in New York meeting amazing people and planning exciting things for our future. But I have a confession: I’ve spent a lot of time in New York over the years with work, I’ve done all of the things and seen all of the sights but I’ve never truly “got” it. This time has been different. I’m here for a really lovely reason, making big plans for our future and it’s like New York knew that. Every meeting we have had was brilliant, every person we met was inspired by what we are doing, every store we have visited has inspired us. I’ve eaten so many amazing thin

Is Chupi Sweetman my real name?

June 19, 2019

Is Chupi Sweetman Pell actually my real name? It's the first question everyone asks me! And the answer is yes. I'm far too Irish to be able to invent a name for myself. My wonderful parents have to squarely take the blame for my name being Chupi Sweetman-Pell. The Sweetman-Pells My Mum (Rosita Sweetman) was brought up on the seafront in Sandymount, right in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. My Dad (John Pell) is from what he refers to as the unfashionable end of Lincolnshire in Northern England. Dad was an economist and worked for the World Bank, whilst Mum was a writer and worked as a journali

The Chupi Wedding Series: Chupi Team Weddings

September 07, 2018

It's no surprise that we adore weddings here at Chupi HQ. From venues, to dresses and favourite moments on the day, we asked the Chupi Team to share with you their gorgeous wedding days. Chupi- Designer and Creative Director Wedding Venue Mount Druid, Mullingar Wedding Theme Our venue, Mount Druid in Mullingar, was a blank canvas which enabled us to have a five-day wedding, a culmination of all of the talents and skills of a brilliant group of people - from my brother who shot our wedding video, to our lighting engineer friend who lit the wedding with over 300 candles and bespoke "C&B

My Favourite Jewellery Memory with Chupi Sweetman

August 15, 2018

Chupi shares with us her most treasured jewellery memory : recounting the day she got engaged with a sparkling grey diamond and the start of something very special! My favourite memory is around my engagement ring. I wasn't the kind of girl who imagined my wedding day, my parents are divorced and I just thought getting married would never be for me. Brian had other plans, he told me a few weeks after we met that we would be getting married! We were 16, I laughed and remembered thinking we wouldn't. Fast forward 10 years and we were in the prettiest park in the South of France at midnight h

Chupi Travels to Nairobi with Made in Africa

April 08, 2018

At the end of March, we travelled to Nairobi with the wonderful people in Proudly Made in Africa to work with brilliant designers who will be showcasing in our store Atrium this summer. Having grown up in such a green country I thought I knew beauty, but Nairobi is such a gorgeous place, the country is so lush and tropical! Kenya can seem slightly intimidating for a first timer to Africa, but it is so vibrant, exciting and full of adventure. It was such a privilege to travel to this amazing country. It was my first time and I was so overwhelmed with how gorgeous the colours, people and land

Meet The Maker: Inspiration

March 18, 2018

I used to really struggle to describe what inspires me and then one day it all made sense. I’ve always felt a bit embarrassed when asked what inspired me, I didn’t feel like a proper designer because I wasn’t inspired by weird buildings made by an architect no one had ever heard of! But then I realised what inspires me is love. Day 18 March Meet The Maker: Inspiration I’m inspired by growing up in Ireland, the wild landscape (from my house right in Dublin city I can be in the middle of the mountains where this picture was taken in twenty minutes!), the stories we tell about ever

Meet The Maker: Work Clothes

March 13, 2018

My name is Chupi and I worked in fast fashion. I made dresses, for nearly ten years my job was making tiny party dresses, the kind you went out dancing in once and then consigned to the back of your wardrobe because everyone had seen you in it! Day 13 March Meet The Maker: Work Clothes It was an incredible experience. I have always adored fashion, the way putting on the right dress can make you feel like absolute magic -and  how the wrong dress in the wrong light in a hot changing room can reduce you to tears. But I also abhor how disposable fast fashion is, that we aren’t making th

Meet The Maker: How I started

March 03, 2018

I fell in love with precious jewellery when Brian proposed, it was the first serious ring I had ever owned, a talisman of so much love and promise. Day 3 March Meet The Maker: How I Started But this ring is me. Cast in solid from a real swan feather, I remember the hours and hours I spent trying to bring my sketches to life in the wonderful Cormac Cuffe’s workshop (he’s an incredible teacher if you ever want to learn how to goldsmith) and the frustration of not being able to make my dreams sing. Until one day I made this darling and found myself. There are so many people who have taug

Meet The Maker: Where

March 02, 2018

Where is home for you? For me, it’s the Wicklow mountains in the Garden of Ireland. I grew up in the middle of nowhere in a tiny village called Hollywood. Day 2 March Meet The Maker: Where We lived in the last house at the end of a long road with our nearest neighbours nearly a mile away. It was an incredible place to grow up, with lots of space for adventures, think Enid Blyton then later add teenage hormones! I was born in our house, my Mum had worked all over the world and reckoned if women in the Amazon could give birth without a hospital so could she! I was born on Valentine’s Day w

Meet The Maker: Chupi

March 01, 2018

When our brilliant designer Lisa told me about the March Meet The Maker challenge, I knew straight away that this was for me! The challenge was created by designer & maker Joanne Hawker in 2016 and has really taken off, there are a list of daily prompts where you write about you and how you make things. I have loved doing it on our Chupi account on Instagram but I thought it would be fun to go more in depth here, so I hope you like it. Day 1 March Meet The Maker: About Me My name is Chupi and I make sparkly things. I love food (I really really love food), big walks in the countryside (