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Beautiful Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on your List

Monday, November 1st, 2021

Christmas at Chupi is something special. Today, we’re kicking off our Christmas gift guide! The Chupi Christmas shop is now open, and we are thrilled to get to play a part in marking your most precious moments.

Below, we share some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas for the most important people in your life.

Your Best Friend Who Surprises You With Doorstep Treat Drop Offs And Gives The Best Advice 

I’d be Lost Without You Necklace, which comes in white gold and yellow gold, will let her know just how you feel.

To The Moon & Back Necklace, an ode to the long nights spent on the phone or on the dance floor.

A beautiful Evil Eye Ring, in either emerald or opal, a symbol of good fortune for all the adventures still to come. 

Matching North Star Gold Tiny Signet Rings would be a beautiful way to celebrate your friendship.

Your Hilarious Sister Who Does Your Eyeliner Before Nights Out and Knows All Your Secrets 

The dainty, twinkling Lucky Star Necklace in her birthstone or favourite colour.

Remind her to always go for what she wants with the Follow Your Dreams Ring.  

Two infinity circles cast from a real twig are intertwined, making this necklace a sweet ode to both of you.

Your Wonderful Mum (or Mother Figure) Who Still Texts You if It’s Going to Rain and Makes the Best Veggie Chilli 

She’s your fixed point, so the North Star Necklace is a beautiful thank you for her unwavering support. 

She’ll love the classic elegance of the Dreamer Of Dreams Ring.

The Stars in the Sky Necklace comes as a three-diamond or four-diamond disc, perfect for representing loved ones, siblings or family.

Your Outdoorsy Get Up and Go Friend Who’s Always Good for a Walk and Sends the Sweetest Birthday Memes 

A simple but beautiful Hawthorn Ring, to remind her of her strength. 

Inspired by ancient amulets, the Evil Eye Necklace is a token of protection and good fortune.

Send her luck with the Victorian Lucky Clover Leaf Ring – each sparkling diamond represents faith, hope and love.

Your Girlfriend Who Never Met a House Plant She Didn’t Love and Cries at the Christmas Ads

Sun, Moon & Stars gold disc necklace, available in white gold and yellow gold, to add some sparkle to those Zoom calls. 

The Evil Eye Ruby and Diamond Ring, because rubies are ancient symbols of passion and love. 

Two sparkling grey diamonds make up the Hope & Magic Ring, to remind her of the magic of new beginnings and hope for all that is to come. 

The stunning statement North Star Signet Ring will bring the wow factor, lighting a path to home or to a bold new adventure.

Chupi Flagship Store Christmas Opening Hours 

We’re so excited to welcome you to our flagship Dublin store, which will be open right up until Christmas Eve for you to pick up the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Christmas.

Monday 13th: 10am-7pm

Tuesday 14th: 10am-7pm

Wednesday 15th: 10am-7pm

Thursday 16th: 10am-7pm

Friday 17th: 10am-7pm

Saturday 18th: 10am-7pm

Sunday 19th: 11am-7pm

Monday 20th: 10am-7pm

Tuesday 21st: 9am-7pm

Wednesday 22nd: 9am-7pm

Thursday 23rd : 9am-7pm

Friday 24th: 9-1

Saturday 25th: Closed

Sunday 26th: Closed

Monday 27th: Closed

Tuesday 28th: 10am-6pm

Wednesday 29th: 10am-6pm

Thursday 30th: 10am-6pm

Friday 31st: 10am-5pm


Saturday 1st: Closed

Sunday 2nd: 12pm-5pm

Monday 3rd: Closed

Tuesday 4th: Reopen as normal

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