If you’re completely unsure of what engagement ring to choose and you don’t want to propose empty handed, a promise ring is just as special. A token, proposal or promise ring is a symbolic ring that you pop the question with, so you can pick our the main engagement ring together afterwards. The advantage of this is that you find the perfect ring in the perfect size that your partner loves. Promise rings are becoming increasingly popular as women want to choose their own engagement ring.

Most Loved Promise Rings

Solid Gold Promise Me Ring

A tiny diamond sparkles in a gold twig ring, a promise of things to come. Whether a promise ring whilst you choose your engagement ring or a promise to remember something precious this piece inspired by the immortal words of AA Milne is sure to bring joy. This delicate piece is designed to become part of your daily wardrobe, like invisible armour that is always with you.


Solid Gold You Are My Heart Ring

This darling gold ring is inspired by those wonderful lines by E.E. Cummings: “You are my sun, my moon and all my stars”, this collection of tiny gold pieces are made to be a reminder that you are perfect just as you are.


Solid Gold I’d Be Lost Without You Ring

The Lost Without You ring makes for the perfect promise ring. For moments when we feel lost, this sparking star set with a tiny diamond is the perfect compass to guide you on your path towards exactly where you need to be.


Solid Gold Love Heart Ring

Delicate gold outlines an open heart on your finger. Whether the heart contains someone you love or is waiting for the perfect someone is up to you. The heart is a powerful symbol of love, wear your love heart to represent the love you need in your life; whether the heart contains the love towards you, someone you love or is waiting for the perfect someone is entirely up to you. Chupi-Love-heart-Ring

Solid Gold Love Ring

For the person who wants an understated ring. Chupi designed this ring to symbolise a precious moment in your life. Set with one tiny sparkling diamond in solid 14k gold on a delicate ring, it represents the word Love.


There’s one more thing, if you come back to Chupi for your engagement ring, we’ll take back your Chupi Promise Ring and put the value of the promise ring towards the value of your Chupi Engagement Ring. You can find out more about the Chupi Promise Piece Exchange Program here.