The Chupi Journal


A love letter from Chupi Sweetman

Sunday, February 14th, 2021

When I was little I thought that everyone sent cards to all the people they love on Valentine’s Day! That it was a day to celebrate not just perfect romantic love, but the deep heartfelt connection we have with our favourite people.

Like many things, my Mum can take credit for this mad notion. Every year we would decorate the house for Valentine’s Day, spending hours crafting crazy heart themed things and writing cards to our friends & family.

I remember how horrified I was when around age 8 I discovered Valentine’s was only for sending cards to boys. It seemed such a waste, all of the love in the world and you are meant to send it to only one person?

If this last year has shown me anything it’s that love and people are our most precious things. I don’t need a holiday or a day out or anything else but I miss the people I love best so much my heart aches.

To make dinner for my family and argue over who cheated at Monopoly on a lazy Sunday afternoon, to hug my darling sisters and finally introduce them to my baby girl, to share a glass (or indeed bottle!) of wine with my best friends and solve the world’s problems on a Friday night.

Today, I’m going to be telling the people I love best how much I love them, how much I miss them and how I can’t wait to see them again.

It’s time to reclaim Valentine’s Day for love.

Chupi x

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