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A Gorgeous Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Thursday, February 3rd, 2022

Whether it’s the imperfect beauty of a pearl, the durability of leather or the fragility of porcelain, we love the idea of marking our moments with stories and traditions that have been passed down through generations.

Join us as we explore some of the meanings, colours and materials behind wedding anniversaries, and share some of our favourite gift ideas for marking each year.

1st Wedding Anniversary: Paper

As simple as it is meaningful, paper is intended to signal the blank page, as you are just at the start of your married life journey together.

For this very special first anniversary, still in the glow of the excitement of exchanging wedding vows, we love the idea of adding to a sparking new bridal stack, perhaps with a Follow Your Dreams diamond ring or celebrating that sense of hope and optimism with a Hope & Magic grey diamond necklace.

Here are some of our favourite paper-themed gift ideas:

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary: Cotton

Strong, versatile and adaptable, cotton is the traditional material associated with two years of marriage.

The gemstone for this anniversary is garnet, like the fierce, fiery stone in the garnet Hero ring. A symbol of energy, strength and passion, Chupi made the Hero ring as a reminder of our strength.

Here are some of our favourite cotton-themed gift ideas:

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary: Leather

Another durable but versatile material, leather is said to stand for resilience, warmth and flexibility.

Pearl is the gemstone for three years of marriage, so now would be the perfect time to add a timeless piece of pearl jewellery, like a pair of Teardrop pearl earrings, to your heirloom collection.

Here are some of our favourite leather-themed gift ideas:

4th Year Wedding Anniversary: Fruit, Flowers or Linen

For a four year anniversary, opinions are divided – in the US, it is marked with fruit and flowers, while in the UK it is linen and silk.

Blue and green are traditional colours associated with four years of marriage, so you could opt for a Dreamers of Dreams sapphire teamed with an Evil Eye emerald ring.

Here are some of our favourite four-year anniversary gift ideas:

5-Year Wedding Anniversary: Wood

Wood represents strength, wisdom and putting down roots together. We couldn’t think of a more fitting gift than a beautiful Edwardian Hawthorn half eternity diamond ring or Just the Two of Us gold hawthorn double circle necklace, cast in solid gold from a beautiful real hawthorn twig found by Chupi in Kildare.

Here are some of our favourite wood-themed gift ideas:

10 Year Wedding Anniversary: Tin or Aluminium

Tin or aluminium is a traditional anniversary gift to celebrate ten years of marriage, and it is said to symbolise strength – aluminium doesn’t rust or wear down, it is resilient.

The key colours for this anniversary are silver and blue, so a white gold Love is All blue sapphire and diamond ring would be a beautiful fit.

Here are some of our favourite tin-themed gift ideas:

15-Year Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

It is said that crystal represents clarity, and how you are seeing each other clearly. A precious, sparkling ring from our lab-grown diamond collection would honour this sentiment beautifully.

Here are some of our favourite crystal-themed gift ideas:

20-Year Wedding Anniversary: Porcelain

Marriages can be strong, but also fragile – it takes care and attention for them to stand the test of time, so porcelain is a fitting theme to celebrate an incredible 20 years together. Nod to this delicate beauty with a 1920s-inspired Luna halo opal and diamond ring.

Emerald green is the traditional colour associated with this anniversary, so you could also mark the milestone with an unforgettable Starlight emerald ring or emerald Lucky Star necklace.

Here are some of our favourite porcelain-themed gift ideas:

30-Year Wedding Anniversary: Pearl

A symbol of love and marriage to the Ancient Greeks, each pearl is completely unique, filled with its own imperfections and beauty. A Teardrop pearl necklace would be an elegant way to mark such a significant milestone.

40-Year Wedding Anniversary: Ruby

A symbol of love and passion, rubies were thought represent a flame that never burns out. Celebrate with a stunning Love is All ruby and diamond ring or add to a signature stack with ruby Evil Eye ring.

50-Year Wedding Anniversary: Gold

It’s a momentous milestone, so no wonder a 50th wedding anniversary is marked with gold. Known as ‘the golden anniversary’, we love the idea of honouring in a contemporary way. Each and every one of our pieces is made using 100% recycled solid gold. A North Star signet ring or North Star diamond necklace would be a beautiful tribute to the guiding light that has kept you together all this time.

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