We know social media hasn’t been the most positive of places for the last few days. While this is a strange time for us all, we wanted to help encourage some positivity over the weekend. Chupi asked her incredible followers over on Instagram for some ideas and we were so excited to share with you, some of our favorites!

  1. Buy a voucher from your favourite independent shop/ restaurant:
    This will be a tough time for businesses, both big and small, so one way to support them is to buy a voucher for a nice meal out, a cup of coffee, a gift for your bestie – it can be anything. If the voucher is for yourself it will also give you something fun to look forward to later on!
  2. Support local charities :
    Due to restrictions being put on large events happening, lots of amazing charities have had to cancel really important fundraising activities. One way to support this is by text donations – for example, the Irish Cancer Society has had to cancel their Daffodil Day collections, however, you can still donate €4 by texting CANCER to 50300.
  3. Set up an online bookclub:
    This is such a simple but effective way to keep connected to your loved ones while still being considerate to others and staying home! We loved this idea when it was sent into our DM’s and think it would be fun to do with your Mum or friends. Set up a group chat, download a book on your kindle – (Little Women is having a moment again ) and share your thoughts!
  4. Volunteer to walk an elderly neighbour’s dog:
    This is such a considerate gesture. Times like these are amazing for bringing communities together, so if you have an elderly neighbour who needs help walking their dog, or getting groceries, reach out and offer to help, while remaining conscious of the HSE Guidelines.
  5. Be Kind:
    Kindness is free and has no limits. At times like this, it’s important to be kind to each other. Thank those who are working in shops, on the medical front line, anyone in your community who is doing their best and is and looking out for anyone vulnerable. Kindness is so essential at times like these, above all take care of yourself, your loved ones and your community.