The Difference Between Solid Gold & Gold Plated

January 17, 2020

Although the price of solid gold jewellery can vary significantly to plated, solid gold jewellery will last forever and hold its value over time. If you’re trying to determine whether to buy solid gold or gold plated piece, consider whether or not you’re looking for a precious piece that will last a lifetime, or a piece that will wear over time. Solid Gold vs Gold Plated Solid gold Solid gold in its purest form (24 karats) is too soft for everyday wear. As a result, it's alloyed with a base metal to give it strength and durability. Chupi casts in solid 14k gold using an ancie

The Chupi Wedding Series: Kelly & Tom

January 17, 2020

In the latest installment of The Chupi Wedding Series, we speak to Kelly & Tom about the beginning of their journey in an Irish Pub in Denver to their gorgeous wedding in their backyard. We actually met on in October of 2018. I am a widow, my husband died unexpectedly in 2017 and Tom is divorced. We met on (which we don't typically tell people). We met in person at an Irish pub in suburban Denver.. this is typically where we tell people we met! Ironically, meeting for the first time in person at an Irish pub set the tone for our trip to Ireland and love of everythi

My Chupi Upgrade Story: Rebecca Moon

January 17, 2020

The Chupi Upgrade Program turns your most loved Chupi pieces from our plated collection into a sparking solid gold heirloom to be treasured forever. Our solid jewellery is designed to last a lifetime, to carry your story on to the next generation. We adore hearing your stories about what your Chupi piece means to you. When we launched The Chupi Upgrade Program last year, we received so many incredible messages about why you upgraded your piece to solid gold. We spoke to one of our lovely customers, Rebecca Moon, owner of @LashesbyLuna who told us about the journey of her Chupi piece

My Chupi Story: Stephenie

January 15, 2020

We are so lucky to get to hear so many incredible stories from our amazing customers across the globe marking their own moments with a precious Chupi piece. In our latest series, we speak to the Chupi Team about the moments they have marked with their heirloom pieces.   In our next installment, we speak to our amazing Operations Executive Stephenie who tells us the story behind her growing Chupi collection. Lucky Star Grey Diamond Ring My Lucky Star Grey Diamond ring was a gift to myself. Like most people at my age, I have been through my fair share of difficulties. The

Chupi Upgrade Program partners with Dress for Success

January 15, 2020

We are so excited to announce that our charity partner for The Chupi Upgrade Program is the incredible Dress For Success Dublin. Dress for Success Dublin is a charity that promotes the economic independence of women by providing career development tools and a support network. They also campaign for equality in the workplace throughout industries, and across the country. Since 2011, they have supported over 2,000 women with the professional clothing, skills and development opportunities they needed to secure employment and achieve success. 57% of the women who come through their door

Introducing: The Chupi Upgrade Program

January 15, 2020

We believe in marking moments, making memories and passing on heirlooms. Our Upgrade Program turns your most cherished Chupi pieces from our plated collection into a sparkling solid gold heirloom to be treasured forever. Our solid jewellery is designed to last a lifetime, to carry your story on to the next generation. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we want to reduce our contribution to landfill and our use of new material sources. Once returned to us, your much loved plated piece will be melted down and recycled back into our supply chain or gifted to one of our incredible

Chupi’s Favourite Places in London

January 14, 2020

This week I'm visiting one of my favourite cities in the world - London. I'm over here mainly for work, but in between meetings I'll be visiting my favourite places in the city, from markets to restaurants and everything in between. I'm sharing my top places to visit in London, you have to put them on your list if you visit! Breakfast & Brunch If I’m in London with family we will just have breakfast at home, but if I'm heading out for a lovely brunch, Sketch is top of my list. The gorgeous pink couches are so instagrammable! View this post on Instagram The ar

Visit Chupi in Dublin Airport

January 08, 2020

We're to excited to be one of the key brands to be in the gorgeous new Design Ireland store that just opened in Dublin Airport Terminal 2. Design Ireland's new store features the creations of some of the most amazing Irish artists and designers and we're so proud to be a part of it. Our gold plated collection is available to shop in our Design Ireland pop-up. We have all of our best-selling gold plated pieces, including the Irish Coin Collection, North Star Necklace & our Swan Feather Ring. Perfectly Packaged At Chupi, we make modern heirlooms to last a lifetime. We

The Chupi Engagement Series: Matthew & Huw

January 08, 2020

Recently we put a call out to all newly engaged Chupi couples and asked them to share the details of their engagement with us. We are very excited to introduce the latest couple in our series, Matthew & Huw, who tell us about their gorgeous engagement on Murlough Beach in Co. Down. "Huw and I originally met on a dating app. I had planned the proposal for a few months and I knew that I wanted to propose somewhere special. Growing up in my family, we used to go to Murlough Beach in Newcastle, Co. Down a lot for Sunday walks. I knew it was an ideal location as it's right by the coas

The story behind Chupi’s Ring Stack

January 07, 2020

Chupi Sweetman shares with us the story behind her gorgeous ring stack, from her grey diamond engagement ring to her 'Me to Me' heirloom rings, there's a special meaning behind each ring in her stack. My Engagement Ring This is my engagement ring. Brian and I got engaged when we were kids, we were 25 & 26. It's handmade from Etsy using recycled gold and grey diamonds. The first time I wore it I remember thinking I own a piece of the future. My Wedding Band I made my wedding band just for me, it's a completely crazy one off. It's made from a hawthorn tree, the same hawtho

Introducing: The Edwardian Half Diamond Eternity

January 03, 2020

Our Edwardian Half Diamond Eternity ring is made from our signature hawthorn twig paired with sparkling diamonds, the perfect combination of beauty and strength. Our Edwardian half Eternity ring works beautifully as part of your stack to mark a special moment. Eternity rings have been worn since ancient Egypt, the perfect symbol to mark some of the biggest moments of eternal love and life. This delicate eternity ring is set with tiny diamonds half way around the band. Chupi's Precious Collection of engagement and wedding rings are designed to mark one of the most special moments i

The meaning behind the January birthstone: Garnet

January 01, 2020

Garnet is a powerful, energizing and regenerative stone. It balances, strengthens and protects. The name is derived from ‘granatus’, the Latin word for seed or grain because of the stones resemblance to the small round seeds of a pomegranate. It was once believed to grant the wearer protection from nightmares, ghosts and ghouls. Some even say that it has the power to give the wearer eternal happiness, health and wealth. Lucky Star Birthstone Collection Solid Gold Lucky Star Birthstone Ring A sparkling gemstone marks the month you are born, a lucky star shining brightly over ever

Our 2019 round up…

December 31, 2019

2019 has been the most amazing year for us at Chupi HQ. We’ve been incredibly busy creating precious heirlooms here in Ireland and shipping them across the world. Thank you to all our wonderful customers and fans who make this all possible.Here's how you made our year so special:

The Chupi Starsign Collection

December 26, 2019

Our We Are All Made Of Stars collection is designed to appeal to stargazers everywhere. Chupi has always been in love with the stars. She is fascinated by star signs and the idea that we are born under a celestial guardian. Constellations are a mixture of science and mythology, whether you believe in star signs or not this is the perfect talisman to wear. Each constellation is composed of tiny dots on a circular flat disc, some bigger and some smaller to mark the bigger and smaller stars, with no words just a secret sign that only a few can read. Shop your starsign: AQUARIUS: 20 J

Happy Christmas from Team Chupi

December 25, 2019

Gratitude. That's my overwhelming feeling today. When Brian proposed to me nearly ten years ago with the most perfectly imperfect grey diamond ring I knew everything had changed, it wasn't just getting married but when I wore my ring for the first time I knew I held a piece of the future, something my daughter would wear one day. When I quit fast fashion to start making heirlooms I could have only dreamt of being here, from making beautiful pieces in Ireland to getting to work with an incredible group of 49 people it is such an honour. This Christmas is about home for me. Toda

Chupi Gifting with The Experts: Zoe Carney, House of Indi

December 23, 2019

Next in our Gifting With the Experts series is Zoe Carney owner of House of Indi , a stunning homeware store that boasts a beautiful collection of hand-selected pieces, sourced by Zoe worldwide. House of Indi's permanent location is in their beautiful showroom in Home Studios, however, you can catch them in their gorgeous pop-up space on Drury Street until January. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?  Everything!! I love Christmas, I always have. I couldn’t pick one thing! I love the atmosphere, fireplaces lighting, twinkling lights, mulled wine, smelly cheeses and sill

The Chupi Engagement Series: Arun & Esme

December 20, 2019

Recently we put a call out to all recently engaged Chupi couples and asked them to share the details of their engagement with us. We are very excited to share the latest couple in our series, Arun & Esme who told us about their beautiful engagement in Sri Lanka. How they met Arun: 10 years ago, I was working in a cocktail bar in Nottingham after university. Esme had just moved to Nottingham to start her degree, and she started working at the same bar. I remember seeing her and being intrigued as to who she was, I started asking everyone questions to get to know more about h