How to: Wear a Necklace with a Collar

June 15, 2018

When it comes to wardrobe basics, a collared button-shirt is definitely high ranking. With the ability to take you from the office to the bar, we have the perfect way to dress up your look: jewellery. Styling a necklace with a basic neckline is simple enough, but it can get a little tricky when styling your necklace with a collared shirt. It doesn't have to be a statement piece to make it pop, wearing a delicate piece can often add the perfect touch to a collared shirt. The Layered Look As you may know, we LOVE to layer our necklaces here at Chupi HQ, it's the quickest (and easiest!) way to

Father’s Day : Messages to our Dads

June 15, 2018

To celebrate Father's Day on the 17th of June (check out our handy gift guide for year round presents perfect for Dad!), members of Team Chupi tell us why they love their Dads. Ann (Financial Controller) [caption id="attachment_2853" align="aligncenter" width="222"] Ann and her Dad Seamie[/caption] My Dad's name is Seamie and he is 86. He has been widowed twice and has had health issues in the last few years, but so long as he has his pipe and a western on the TV he is a happy man. This photo was taken on Father's Day last year.   Cheryl (Team Manager) [caption id="attachment_2

What I Do: Meet Jennie, Head of Digital

June 13, 2018

Next up on our Chupi Team What I Do series is our brilliant Head of Digital Jennie! What is your role? Head of Digital for Chupi, overseeing all things e-commerce and digital strategy. How did you get here? I’ve spent about 10 years running my own businesses, including aggregate fashion ecommerce platform Opsh and the shoppable magazine Prowlster. Under Sister The Agency, I now offer long-term consulting on ecommerce and the business of branding. My background is quite diverse; I have a degree in Communications, a PG Cert in Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism and a masters in Cult

We’re hiring a Digital Content Creator

June 08, 2018

Who we are: Chupi is a multi-award winning jewellery brand founded in 2013 by former Topshop designer Chupi Sweetman. Irresistibly drawn to “wild and natural things” Chupi’s signature aesthetic includes casting from real feathers and leaves, creating a delicate fine jewellery collection made for your inner magpie. Positioned in the luxury market, Chupi is stocked in leading department stores and independents across the UK and Ireland. The brand is export focused and with fans around the world from London to Tokyo plans to expand into the US the future is really exciting. Everything w

Yoga at Chupi: Why We Heart Downward Dog

June 07, 2018

Every second week we practice yoga at Chupi HQ, taught by the wonderful Lydia Sasse. We started our yoga classes last year in the lead up to the very busy Christmas season. We kept it up and since then it's become one of the highlights of our week. Chupi knew that we may not get to a class in our own time so she brought the yoga to us! Reasons we love Yoga at Chupi HQ Stress Reliever From November to Christmas is peak busy time for us, so it can be easy to get a little stressed with everything going on! For us taking an hour out to practice yoga is the perfect way to combat this. Altho

Celebrate International Yoga Day with Chupi and Lululemon

June 07, 2018

To celebrate International Yoga Day next week on Thursday 21 June, we've teamed up with our favourite activewear brand LuluLemon to bring you the ultimate gift for a yoga-lover. Purchase one of our new Solid Gold Circle Love, Luck and Laughter Necklaces and you'll receive a complimentary Lululemon yoga mat. International Yoga Day is a celebration of yoga, an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practise. The activity originated in India and is one of the world's most popular pastime activities. The word 'yoga' is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to y

What It's Like To Be A PR & Social Media Executive

June 06, 2018

Next up on on the Chupi Team What I Do series is our social media expert Emily! What is your role? My role in Chupi is PR & Social Media Executive. My role is extremely broad, no two days are ever the same! A usual day for me includes looking after the Chupi social media accounts, answering PR requests, assisting on photoshoots and events and briefing daily Instagram stories to Lisa. How did you get here? I studied Journalism in college and my degree definitely helped me to gain a good understanding of the media world. I did work experience with a Haute Couture designer named Jen

The Meaning Behind the June Birthstone

June 01, 2018

June has finally arrived and we are nearly half way through the year already! June is one of the loveliest months of the year with the most gorgeous birthstones to match. Our June birthstones just happen to be our most popular stones all year round, Pearl and Morganite. We use Morganite for our precious solid gold pieces and Pearl for pieces in our main collection. Magical Morganites Known as the stone of divine love, Morganite is said to gently cleanse the heart and open it up to unconditional love. Morganite is the pink variety of Beryl and is known for its stunning peach-pink colour.

How to: Style the Gold Crown

May 31, 2018

The Chupi Gold Crown is one of the newest additions to the accessories collection, and it's safe to say they've gone to the top of our wish list. We love that these crowns are super versatile both in how you wear them and when you wear them. The gold crowns are the perfect accessory for the modern bride. They work beautifully with hairstyles worn up or down, and are a lovely alternative to wearing flowers in your hair. We love the fact that you can keep this heirloom piece after the big day and wear it again. If you need something a little extra for your next event or big night out, the

For the Superdads!

May 31, 2018

Father's Day is fast approaching, so why not gift Dad something extra special this year? Shopping for dads can seem extremely difficult at the best of times,  so why not keep it simple this year with a sentimental gift? We have all heard the "I have everything I need already", line from our dads, but we have a sparkling selection of cufflinks in silver and gold that he won't be able to refuse! From our bestselling ‘Worth your weight in gold’ farthing coin cufflinks to our ‘Follow your Dreams’ arrow cufflinks - these precious pieces are the perfect way to tell Dad just how precious he

What I Do: Meet Anna, Production Manager

May 30, 2018

Next up on our Chupi Team What I Do series is our amazing production manager Anna! What is your role? I am the Production Manager at Chupi. Every piece we make is designed, manufactured and produced in Ireland.  As Production Manager I coordinate and oversee this complex production process. It involves a lot of meticulous planning, scheduling and forecasting.  It’s a very a busy, challenging but fun role! No two days are ever the same working in production. How did you get here? I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Diploma in Business Studies.  I wasn’t sure what direction I

Your favourite pieces now in Solid Gold

May 29, 2018

Your favourite Chupi pieces now come in sparkling Solid Gold! From the popular Love, Luck and Laughter collection to the brand new Solid Gold North Star necklace, we have cast these stunning pieces in 14k Solid Gold to ensure you will have them to treasure forever. What is the difference between solid gold and gold plated? The biggest difference between solid gold and gold plated is the lifetime guarantee. When you buy a solid gold piece from Chupi you have not only a tiny piece of our beautiful island, but a future heirloom that will become part of your story and last forever. If you’r

Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall

May 28, 2018

Creating the perfect gallery wall may seem like an easy enough task thanks to Pinterest, but it requires some time and thought to get it right. Finding the right combination of prints and patterns can be more time consuming that it seems, it's not something you can knock out in a day! It takes time, patience and preparation. We have our very own gallery wall here in Chupi HQ and although it's not perfectly aligned or colour matched, we adore it. It gives an element of character to our little studio, celebrating all of the amazing awards we have won to date and also sharing inspirational quo

Some of Our Favourite Dublin Signs - Part 2

May 24, 2018

We're back with part 2 of our favourite Dublin signs. As the days grow ever brighter and longer we've been wandering around the streets of Dublin in search of more of our favourite signs. We're spoiled for choice with restaurants, pubs, shops and studios all boasting different styles, colours and typography. Bastible: Simple Contemporary Chic Bastible is a delicious neighbourhood bistro in Dublin 8. We absolutely love this simple font and how it pops against the dark navy background. In true Chupi style we particularly loved the gold metal, and this combined with the navy and white offers a

What It's Like To Be A Digital Designer And Illustrator At Chupi

May 23, 2018

Next up on our Chupi Team What I Do series is our multi-talented digital designer and illustrator Lisa!   What is your role? I am Digital Designer and Illustrator at Chupi Jewellery. My role encompasses many different areas including packaging design, hand lettering and Illustration, content creation, web design and creating the visual voice of the brand! There’s never a slow day in studio! [caption id="attachment_2312" align="aligncenter" width="750"] Digital Designer and Illustrator at Chupi Lisa McHugo[/caption] How did you get here? I began working at Chupi as a grap

The Yellow Trend: inject sunshine into your jewellery wardrobe

May 21, 2018

Despite Pantone's purple predictions, yellow was the most sought after colour on the runway this season. The yellow trend is said to be this season's answer to millennial pink and there's no escaping it - it's everywhere! The versatile shade was adorned head-to-toe on the runway at shows from Moschino to Isabel Marant, making it a central facet on the SS18 catwalks. Every online shop from Zara to Missguided to Net-a-Porter seem to have a pop of the sunshine colour at the minute, and it's easy to see why. The gorgeous yellow hue suits every skin tone with its many versatile shades, from soft

The Story of the Chupi Swan Feather

May 21, 2018

The Chupi Swan Feather collection contains some of the original and most loved pieces within the Chupi family. The signature swan feather ring was the first piece that Chupi ever made, and the feather pieces have continued to evolve and change along with the brand itself. Where It All Began Chupi has loved swans ever since she was a child. Their beauty and strength very much inspired her designs in the early days. The beauty of the wild and the natural is a constant theme throughout the collections, so Chupi is always on the lookout for pretty twigs, leaves and feathers. The perfect pie